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    Installation of LR 6 DVD


      I recently purchased Adobe Lightroom 6 on a DVD. I want to install this on my computer but not have the current files on my Adobe Lightroom 5 transfer over to the new LR6 installation because they are disorganized (corrupted?). If I go through the installation process of installing LR 6 will it roll over the existing folders on my LR 5 automatically or do I have to tell the installation to transfer the folders? I want to save my existing folders in my LR 5 but want to start fresh will no folders in LR 6 once it's installed.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first time you run Lightroom 6 after it has been installed, it will give you the option to convert your previous catalog. You can choose not to do that. Then, you might have to choose File->New and create a new empty catalog. But even if you convert your old catalog, you can still use the File->New option to create a new empty catalog to start fresh in Lightroom 6.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            The first time you open the new install of LR 6 it will find the catalog file from LR 5 and make a copy of it, Convert it to a LR 6 catalog and display it.


            If you want to start fresh just disregard that catalog and go to the file menu item and select New Catalog. Give it a name of your choosing and put it where you want it on your drive.

            You can then import your images into that new catalog. But I must say if your image Folder structure is not to your liking, IE you have images all over the place, you would be better off using the File Manger in the operating system to Reorganize your images into the order you want them. it can be done in LR but in my option it is better done with the OS file manager Before you import them into LR.


            Otherwise you will still have the same mess you have in LR 5.