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    Pop-up menu in fireworks8?

      Hello everyone:

      I have few questions regarding modify layers and exporting file from Fireworks8 (FW8) to Dreamwaver8 (DW8)

      a) I crated a single menu item with a sub pop-up menu. I crated menue item with hostspot method. Once hotsopt added, There is another blue behavor layer inide hotsport layer. I can drag this inner layer by using pointer tool.

      I noticed on over state, the background color won't cover whole gray area of orginal background. Is there a way I can modify the size of inner blue behavor layer so over state background can cover whole area?

      sample pop-up menu

      b) I used rectangle tool drawed the menu item, once hotsopt is added, is there a way I can modify the size of menu item?

      c) Are there any online documentation describe how to export file from FW 8 to DW?

      d) Please share with me if you know good online tutorials that demonstrate how to created customized pop-up menu in FW8.

      e) how can I change file name extension before export the file into DW.
      For example change file extension to .htm to .html

      e1. where can I find the .htm file and .css file associate with my pop-up menu. I couldn't file them once I crated my .png file for pop-up menu