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    ram needed for ae

    stefanocps Level 1


      starting to say i don t know yet how to use ae...(i regularly use premeire though)..i am in the step to upgrade my pc just for ae, as now seems having little memory to run it even for test

      i have a core i7 2700 with nvidida geforce gtx650

      right now i have 8gb ram

      i have 2 option.

      add extra 8 gbm and it cost me free as i was given 2x8 bank (total ram 16gb)

      or spend 100 euro and add 2x8 (total 24gb)

      now what you thin is wothy to pay 100 euro for run ae. or 16 will be enough?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Only you can decide if the extra memory will be worth the cost. AE will run better with more memory and 16 is better than 8, but it's processor power more than anything else that makes AE run faster. The performance increase as you add ram is not linear, it's a curve that rises quickly then flattens out. Sixteen GB is going to be better than eight by almost a factor of 2 but twenty four is going to be better than eight by less than a factor of 3. I hope you followed that.

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            stefanocps Level 1

            i understand the curve

            i dont have enough info to decide as i don t know after effect yet

            all i know is that every time i tried to play with it it stucked(with 8 gb)

            dont have enough knoledge to understand what will change with different setup.is important to know that cpu power is most important though

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AE is going to be much slower than a NLE like Premiere Pro. There is very little that will be real time. More memory will give you a little smoother UI and a little longer previews. You will still have to learn how to adapt AE's performance to your project needs so that you may work efficiently and get things done. It's all about compromise. Even with the latest builds and a very powerful machine I seldom if ever do full resolution playback of long sequences and I seldom have more than one shot in a composition. I preview my motion and animation at lower rez without effects applied, I check critical frames when I'm compositing, and then I send the project off to render and work on something else because I have been at this long enough that I know what something is going to look like without having to do a real time full rise preview of the shot or sequence before I render.