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    Lightroom 6 not renaming files upon import or once in the catalog from Library tab.


      I noticed before importing files I took on the same day as importing the file name example says the date of one day ahead. The images themselves say the right date and the camera is set right too. Once imported with camera set file name it will say "These can not be renamed because they either were missing, were not writable, or had naming conflicts." If you go into the Library tab and try to rename two or more it will say the same thing. If you try to rename just one image it will say "Can not be renamed" This has caused a problem for HDR also. It will let you select a few photos and show the example but once it tries to merge it fails and says "Can not merge to ex. DSC9938.NEF_hdr" Only the images with this file name issue are having problems with hdr. I have a PC but I use a MAC at work. I've imported on both and sent a present for both to keep from having issues. I've updated LR to 6.1.1 also. This having the problem.