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    Card dance co planar problem


      I am having an issue with card dance plugin/effect. I am making an animated photo mosaic and have successfully set all my persmeters without the card dan e effect, but when I play the animagism, there is an occasional flickering from oneimage to another as if there are 2 images fighting to display. Does anyone know if I can make an adjustment to reduce or eliminate the problem?


      i Have the latest version of  effects.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Purge your memory and disk cache. If that does not fix the problem then we need to see the timeline with the card dance layer showing all modified properties. Press the U key twice to show everything that you have modified or animated, move the CTI to the point in the timeline where you see a problem, take a full resolution screenshot and just drag it to the Reply field on this forum or use the little camera icon to upload it manually and give us a detailed description of your workflow and project.

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            rmaytee Level 1

            Thanks. I will try that and post a screenshot if I have any issues after purging cache.

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              rmaytee Level 1

              Clearing the cache did not fix the problem.  I'm not sure what to do now.  Any suggestions?


              Basically, I have a single image which makes up a photo mosaic of many images, but they are all broken up from one single image in AE.  All I did was choose my number of rows and columns to match the numbers I have in my image, set the gradient layer as my image, tinkered with the Z position multiplier and offset, as well as scale on the X, Y.  See below for specifics.


              coplanar 01.jpg

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I would make sure that your gradient contains as much range as possible, i.e. white to black and experiment with the offsets. If you have one plane running into another and that causes visual artifacts you don't like then you just need to adjust things so that the 'cards' don't run into each other.


                Here's a suggestion. Most folks run these kind of transition effects way too slow. If I were using card dance to scatter a grid of all the kids at Youth Conference so I should transition into another shot the entire effect would probably take about 30 or 40 frames. I'd then pre-compose and add CC force motion blur to polish off the effect before I started into the slideshow or video portion of the sequence.