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    RAM and Harware-check

    klfi Level 1

      May i please you to check.

      I am running PPro and AE CC 2015, Win7, 64 bit, 64 GB RAM

      C: Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB,

      E: 12TB Raid3,

      Z: 12 TB Raid5,

      Areca controlled,

      Nvidia GTX 980

      BM decklinck 4K monitoring SDI


      I want to upgrade in the folloiwing way:

      1.) CPU Instel i7 5960X Socket 2011-V3

      2.) Mainboard Asus X99 E-WS 3.1

      3.) Samsung SM951 SSD M.2, 2280-D3-M

      4.) Noctua NH-D-15 cooling........is this ok or other/better solutions recommended ???

      5.) 64 GB RAM.......................which 64GB Sticks are recommended ?????


      Are my thoughts ok, where are my mistakes ??

      Which RAM sticks ??


      I work on 4K videos.


      thanks, klfi

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          The Noctua D15 should be fine as long as your case can handle the height. I would suggest DDR4 2666+ for ram. Make sure the timings listed for the ram are the same for the first 3 such as 15 15 15. If they are different such as 15 16 16, I would avoid those. Jedec spec for DDR4 is CL15 for DDR4 2133. The higher the rated speed of the ram the higher grade chips that have to be used. You will want DDR4 2400 and above for realtime playback with 4K.