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    Edited all 1200 photos in Lightroom mobile but now my smart collection disappeared


      II'll try to be as direct as possible.


      1. I created a new catalog for my event (I always make a new catalog for each event)

      2. I created a smart collection and chose the option to sync with Lightroom mobile

      3. Opened Lightroom mobile and saw my catalog syncing with Lightroom mobile. Lightroom mobile showed all 1200 photos I selected to go into the smart collection folder. So far so good.

      4. I began editing my images in Lightroom mobile. I went back to check the computer and sure enough my images were syncing with the desktop. As I edited images on my tablet with Lightroom mobile the changes were showing up inside Lightroom on my desktop

      5. At some point I shut my computer off to conserve electricity.

      6. I continued editing all my photos on Lightroom mobile. I noticed that each change was syncing in the cloud because of the little cloud in the upper left hand corner of Lightroom mobile saying so

      7. After I was finished editing I turn my computer on and start Lightroom on my desktop. To my dismay the quick collection is gone and NONE of my changes I made to my files in Lightroom mobile are synced whatsoever.

      8. It is telling me to go into my preferences and choose "delete all data to start fresh" 

      9. I know if I do that all the changes I made to my files in Lightroom mobile will be lost causing me to start all over again.


      this is the second time in as many attempts to work on files in Lightroom mobile only to have lost all of my edits because of the same problem. If there is no way to resync edits made in Lightroom mobile, without losing all of your edits, with the desktop than I am sorry to say my CC subscription is worthless. I need to send my edits to the catalog on my computer without deleting all my server data And having to start over.


      what gives Adobe? Tell me you guys have a solution to resync without losing your data? And why, for the second time now, did my smart collection disappear?