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    Photomerge - Panorama - in Lightroom CC newest update uses incredible amounts of memory.

    gertthomsen Level 1

      When merging 8 Nikon d800 DNG pictures, the program quickly produces a very nice looking preview. When changing projection the new preview is generated in less than 5 seconds. But when the actual merging is started, the memory   use rises from 1 GB to the maximum free RAM 6 of total 8 GB.

      When the merge is 54% fulfilled the proces stops.

      I haven't experience this before. Is this a new bug in lightroom or is it beause I this time try to merge 8 and not just 4 or 6 pictures.


      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Processor Intel Core 7 - 2600K

      8 GB ram

      Only onboard graphic processor