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    Orthogonal lines changing when exporting to PDF from Indesign




      I have an Indesign document that utilizes gray lines that I created within Indesign.  These lines are simple, and separate a title on a page from the rest of the content (I am creating a cookbook).  When I convert my document to a PDF, however, some of these gray lines change to black while others remain gray.  I have tried copying one of the lines that have stayed gray and applying them to all other pages, which did not work.  I have tried looking online and numerous different output options, none of which have fixed my issue.  I have also tried creating black lines and making them grayscale as well as using rbg gray for the outline color- still doesn't work.  Is there something that I'm missing?  I can't find any answer for this issue, and this is an extremely important project.  Thanks in advance for anyone able to give me any insight.