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    Dehaze tool

    Antonio Gouveia

      Hi, I have paid for the upgrade Lightroom 4 to 6, one of the main reasons was to get the dehaze tool! Apparently this tool is for people who has creative cloud account? I don't get it why? I really need to get this tool for my work. I own Photoshop cs6 and I don't need a creative cloud account.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Do a search of this forum for info on how to activate it in LR 6.

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            I am also a Lightroom 6 buyer and user.

            I just found out that the "DeHaze" in-program photo development feature is not available for Lightroom 6, but only in Lightroom CC.


            Its definitely disappointed to find out that Adobe are selling Lightroom 6 as an inferior product, when the noted difference made to Lightroom 6 buyers at that time is the inter-platform/ mobilityfeatures between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC, not the in-program photo-development features.

            Adobe as a brand is definitely a big disappointment to Lightroom 6 buyers and users, as this inferior approach to Lightroom 6 is totally uncalled for.

            I, for one, will have thumb down for Adobe in the future should I be asked for brand-user satisfaction or for brand perception of Adobeor brand endorsement, given their efforts to disappoint and discourage Adobe-brand buyers and users.

            What a way to demolish a once-preferred brand! What a pity!


            Victor Chan

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lightroom 6 is a standalone version. Historically, standalone versions have not received feature updates. Feature updates have been reserved for UPGRADES to a newer version which has had to be paid for. So the Adobe policy really hasn't changed. I would expect that when Lightroom 7 is eventually released in a couple of years that the tools will be upgraded to include the dehaze tool. Until then, you got what you paid for; Lightroom 6 with the feature set that you decided to purchase. And, as in the past, it will be necessary for you to wait for the next upgrade to get new features.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                LR 6 came with everything LR CC had when it was released. Because of the different licensing systems LR 6 can't get the most current feature updates like the CC version can. LR 6 will still get the new Camera RAW updates just like the CC version gets but not new Features.


                Look at it this way. You paid $79 (US) for an upgrade of LR. For $120- a year you get both LR, along with any and all new features that may be added to LR, and the most current version of PS.


                I use to pay $79 for a LR upgrade and $199 for an upgrade to PS almost every year. That's a total of $278 every 12-16 months. I now pay $240- for 24 months for both. I saved $38+. I thought the same thing when Adobe was trying to push PS at $19 a month (At first it was $29 a month). But since they lowered the monthly subscription fee and included LR it's not a bad deal. IMHO.