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    Lightroom CC losing recently imported folder/files after shutdown


      I have Lightroom CC and for the past few months it will lose the folder I created on import. The DNG files are still on my hard drive - however, I lose all edits. The program will open to the last image or folder from the time before the import.



      Import files - create new folder titled 08-02-2015 with import.

      Edit some files, export some files.

      Exit Lightroom


      Reopen Lightroom

      In Library mode there is no longer a folder titled 08-02-2015

      Look on hard drive - All DNG files are in a folder titled 08-02-2015

      Re-import files into folder titled 08-02-2015

      None of the previous edits are there.

      Cry myself to sleep


      I have reset the preferences and still have the issue.

      To make things just a little more complicated this issue doesn't occur every time.

      It does happen very often and almost every time I do a backup when exiting the program.


      Any advice is much appreciated.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Why not set the option to Auto Write change to XMP. That option also works with DNG files but the edits are Auto written to the DNG file itself. Without that option checked all your edits are stored in the Catalog file. It sounds like your catalog file is getting corrupted in some way. I also suggest you Copy the whole catalog folder to some other drive on your system then open that and continue to use that copy on the other drive.


          I think you might have a hard drive problem.