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    AE CC2015 RAM Previews

    coastalmedia Level 1

      What is everybody thinking of the new "instant" RAM preview feature?


      I'm finding it kind of frustrating, it seems to take longer than just waiting for the old preview - and it doesn't seem to cache very well (forgets what it just rendered instantly)...


      Rather annoying having to hear frame by frame broken audio as it's rendering the preview and trying to playback at the same time too.


      Is anybody else having similar thoughts?

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          coastalmedia Level 1

          It seems to slow down significantly after working in a project for a couple of hours. Seems to be much faster upon opening a project.


          Throw a "CC Radial Fast Blur" on an EPS file, and it's hopeless... Definitely faster the old way.

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            Snakedogman Level 2

            Well there's not really anything "instant" about it and I'm not sure if it was advertised as such. The last update did improve some of the most glaring bugs with it but still I feel like it was trying to solve a non-existent problem, or at least a problem that was limited to novice AE users that didn't understand the difference between the old numpad-0 RAM preview and spacebar behaviour.


            You should probably turn on the preference to mute audio when playback is not realtime. Even then though, the audio still stutters (but Adobe are still working on improving this).

            Also as you say, sometimes you will have an area of the timeline already cached and want to preview more, AE will first play back the already cached part in realtime with audio for a while but and then start to stutter as it's trying to cache new frames at the same time. This does not feel like an improvement in user-experience. You still have to wait for the whole of the desired length of the preview to be cached before being able to play it back real time so I don't see the use in trying to have it play back before that.


            I've also run into the "forgetting the cache" problem which I guess is another bug but one that I haven't seen in the known issues.

            Please be sure to file a bug report with Adobe for that as I'll do the same once I can get some more testing done.


            I do have hopes that the underlying architecture change that were made to accomodate the new preview system will give us other, more benificial changes to AE in future updates (better multicore support, faster rendering etc...)

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              coastalmedia Level 1

              Absolutely!. I found that preference, but it seems to continue to do it...


              I would happily go back to numpad 0 also. I don't mind waiting a couple of minutes for an uninterrupted preview.


              FWIW the new feature is nice on simple projects, and seems to playback fine but throw anything remotely complex and it's just woeful!

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                coastalmedia Level 1

                Yes, my bad.

                Not instant, but they're calling it "uninterrupted." My experience has been anything but uninterrupted!

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                  johnt53984649 Level 2

                  After reading this, I think that I'll stick with CC 2014 for a while now.  It works pretty well, for the most part.  It's just hard to get it to use all of my CPU.

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                    Snakedogman Level 2

                    same here, I've come to the conclusion that for the projects I'm working on now the new preview is just more frustrating and slower than the old one. Certainly this can't be what Adobe intended but here were are. Though CC2015 won't use your CPU any more than CC2014 will (hopefully CC2016? )

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                      Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                      I think people are confused about what adobe meant when they touted "un-interrupted" playback.   Everyone assumes it meant un-interrupted playback of video and audio, it doesn't.  It means un-interrupted movement of the Time Indicator (when the time indicator isn't mysteriously absent).   I think once this is understood people's frustration with 2015 will start to ebb. 


                      Seriously though,  why are there people still struggling with 2015 when they can use a perfectly fine 2014?

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                        coastalmedia Level 1


                        I'm not sure what the advantage is of the time indicator being "un-interrupted" when playback is?
                        Like, my engine runs great but my car won't move... No advantage...


                        RAM previews and renders are part of animation and motion graphics, if it 'aint broke....
                        I'm finding the new thing really weird and clunky. If anything, improved RAM preview time would have been a better option IMO.


                        As for why we are struggling with 2015 when 2014 is ok? Well, we pay a subscription...


                        If you paid good money for a car and it had a problem, would you be happy with the dealer telling you to "just have last years model instead, it works fine" ???

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                          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                          I was joking about the time indicator.  The point being that the new preview system is useless....

                          I asked why people were still wasting their time with 2015 when 2014 works great because I see so many posts along the lines of:

                          "Help  (insert problem with 2015 here)  I'm on a deadline for a client so I need help ASAP"

                          It's not question of being happy about it....I'd really prefer not to have that discussion with you.

                          My point was that if you or someone have a job...why are you hanging it on 2015?   I have a job...I tried 2015 for about an hour and then went back to 2014...Because I had work to do and could not afford to waste my time messing around with bugged out software.  That's why I asked....


                          If you had a job to do and you needed a hammer to do it but the brand new hammer you got was broken? Would you keep using it and struggle, frustrated trying to get the job done just based on the principle

                          that you paid for it so you're going to use it?


                          Or would you pick up the hammer right next to it which was perfectly capable of doing what you needed it to do so you could quickly finish the job...and move on to the next job?


                          Or to throw your analogy back at you:  If you needed your car for your job but it was breaking down and making you late for work...would you accept the use of an older (BETTER) car while they tried to fix your new car

                          so you could do your job?     You might not be happy about it but you have to keep your job yes?   So why would you still be using the crappy new car that breaks down when you could use one that works?


                          That's why I asked but I guess it was stupid question.

                          I switched back to 2014 after an hour because time is money.  I don't understand why any professional would still be messing about with it unless they were a beta tester, especially if it

                          was interfering with them getting their work done.

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                            coastalmedia Level 1

                            I'm impressed you threw my analogies back at me! hehe!

                            All good my friend, I was more aiming my criticisms in Adobe's direction.


                            It just seems like since we stopped paying per release at CS6, the update quality has become rather, say, questionable? Convenient now we're all paying pre-release!

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                              Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                              I agree with you.   I like the subscription thing personally...what I don't like is annual releases.

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                                johnt53984649 Level 2

                                Yeah, but what really matters here is if Adobe will ever get their act together.  I've heard people say that they're merely being lazy because they pretty much have a monopoly on this kind of software (even though that's not completely true), but would something like that be the real reason?  What's the real reason they release software with so many problems like these?  Just think, wouldn't it be better to do what the Windows 10 insider previews did; create stable releases and "unstable" releases with more updated versions that people could use and report bugs back with until those new features in the unstable versions are fixed until they're reliable enough for a stable release?

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                                  Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                                  I think the reason for the buggy releases is the fact that they release "annual" versions.

                                  I think the reason they release annual versions is to satisfy a certain customer base (the long time user).

                                  The full subscription cost for a year is $600.  That's great for new users because it will take around 10 years before they've paid

                                  what they would have paid for a full suite under the old "creative suite" system.

                                  But for people who paid full price for a suite and were just occasionally paying the update price, anything over a year and they're paying more than ever would have

                                  with the old payments.

                                  I admit I'm assuming when I say that I think those are the people who are pressuring Adobe to keep cranking out constant updates.

                                  Trying to keep up with that demand, I think, leads to unstable software

                                  Personally, having only ever been a subscription customer I would have absolutely no problem with a release every 3 or 4 or even 5 years.

                                  At the rate I pay I would still be getting my moneys worth and then some.

                                  As for having being lazy because a monopoly I doubt that's the reason.  The free market corrects itself (assuming they have a REAL monopoly which I'm pretty certain they dont).

                                  The free market corrects itself and Adobe knows this..If they continue to release broken products they will be creating a space in the market for some other company to come and fill.

                                  And rest assured eventually some company will claim Adobes spot atop the hill.

                                  I think the problem with alot of corporations these days is the perfect combination of being so big that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

                                  along with a proportion of consumer base who believes (correctly or incorrectly) they are entitled to annual releases.

                                  I don't think Adobe has a true monopoly on the market...but I do believe they a have a tight enough grip on it that they can say:

                                  "know what...we're going to push our incremental releases back to every two or three years...four if necessary"

                                  I think their grip is tight enough to get away with tit and I also think it would be beneficial to everyone.

                                  They could even stagger development and release so they could be releasing new software every year but still only incremental version ever three or four years.

                                  This would allow larger, more dedicated development teams and if you crunch the numbers in terms of the subscription fee's it's still cheaper

                                  than the old Creative Suite method (at least for the first 10 or 15 years).

                                  I do think that they should give long time customers (or subscribers) who HAVE past that critical mass where they are actually paying more for less, a way reduced price.

                                  That's my 11 cents.

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                                    AjS VB Level 1

                                    I actually prefer the 2015 Preview, well the concept anyway.  I multi-task quite a bit and prior to this, doing ANYTHING resulted in the preview stopping - rendering, playing, whatever it was doing.  I also almost always like to hear the audio so this is a plus as well.  It's difficult to understand how such a basic and critical part of the software is so broken, absolutely no excuse.


                                    Despite being very buggy, I have a large project that previews much much faster through 2015 than 2014, but it's unstable and crashes often.  I'm under deadline and the wait times for previews were killing me in 2014.


                                    For new projects I'm forced to choose between a different set of compromises and would like Adobe to know that I'm actively looking to jump ship now.  The subscription model, constantly losing plugins due to design changes, non-existent customer service and of course broken software all play a role.

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                                      coastalmedia Level 1

                                      I don't mind waiting for RAM previews...


                                      I work hard, and am in AE and PPRO all day everyday, it's nice to skip out and make a coffee sometimes! I agree though, we shouldn't lose an ENTIRE preview for the smallest input.

                                      Before, i'd either go make a coffee or CMD+TAB to something else but if i didn't get back to AE before the preview ended it was all gone!


                                      I'd like to see it become somewhere in the middle.
                                      Or perhaps, spacebar does what the new CC2015 revision does, and num0 does the traditional RAM preview...


                                      I said it in a Premiere thread about the blue highlight text, and i'll say it again. Who are you getting to beta test your software Adobe? If it isn't pro users who are working with your software all day everyday, and who are reliant on you, you've got it wrong....

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                                        johnt53984649 Level 2

                                        I agree with you.  It's unfortunate, but it seems that, much of the time, the people who develop the software aren't the people who really use it.  It's a shame, because us, as the users, usually have much better ideas than anything they ever come up with.

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                                          I loved just leaving my thing rendering, surfing the web and then when ready it would flash on my taskbar and there I would have a full uninterrupted render ready with a fresh first look.

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                                            coastalmedia Level 1

                                            That used to happen to me before CC2014 i think.

                                            After that it just forgot my render if i didn't tab back over before it stopped.

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                                              StephaneA_AfterEffects Level 1

                                              The new Ram preview is horrible ! It is buggy, it is unreliable. It is so full of bugs that I can't list them all. Ram preview is just not working properly anymore. Plain and simple.


                                              The philosophy behind the beaviour of the new Ram preview t(rying to give some kind of real time preview) is just stupid. Nobody expect to get some kind of real time preview in after effects at least for a serious project.


                                              Please Adobe, stop messing with the Ram preview.

                                              Why did you change something that was working so well ?!!!

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                                                EchoOut Level 1

                                                I teach a college level motion graphics program and we're simply not installing CC 2015 in our labs until this stuff is cleared up. What a mess.

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                                                  coastalmedia Level 1

                                                  They'll just break something else when they fix this issue, if the last couple of years has been any indication...


                                                  Get everybody on subscriptions, then release half assed software. Perfect business model really.

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                                                    johnt53984649 Level 2

                                                    They may get it together some day.

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                                                      coastalmedia Level 1

                                                      My bet, is there will be another rival software company pop up with similar packages and a reliable product. Only then will Adobe shape up, when their monopoly is at stake...

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                                                        dissidently Level 2

                                                        To make a rival to AE is folly. It's 3 products in one.


                                                        1. Compositor


                                                        2. Special Effects


                                                        3. Motion Graphics


                                                        Compositors have the least users, and are the least sexy.


                                                        Special Effects is sexy, but needs patience, and diverse understanding to get an audience of users, and they need content to apply the effects to... so small audience, again.


                                                        Motion Graphics is tedious, laborious and fiddly, despite often having a sexy outcome, so has a small audience.


                                                        The real problem is the subscription model, in which Adobe gets to find out how much time its suite "buyers" are using AE vs Photoshop and Illustrator.


                                                        In that equation they've decided to forgo funding for a marquee product (which AE once was, long ago) because the workman products make them all the money and aspirational goals of becoming involved in video are no longer needed to inspire sales of the package for its large sums of "investment".


                                                        That... and the fact that building a rival product would take the kind of man hours that require charging large "investment" sized sums for the software, which Adobe has killed because AE can be and for $20 a month.


                                                        Who, in their right mind, would invest the labour and love required to make an AE competitor when $20 a month is all that's required to have a rival product? And Adobe could, conceivably, bundle AE with either Photoshop or Illustrator to wipe any competitor out, overnight, anytime they like.


                                                        Adobe has leveraged their monopoly for the very reasons and in the very ways that economists rail against monopolies and suggest they be broken up.

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                                                          coastalmedia Level 1

                                                          Well, my point was that until that happens, we'll be getting crappy bug-ridden updates...

                                                          • 26. Re: AE CC2015 RAM Previews
                                                            dissidently Level 2

                                                            My point is that is point in time = NEVER!

                                                            • 27. Re: AE CC2015 RAM Previews
                                                              johnt53984649 Level 2

                                                              Oh, the pessimism!