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    how to add caption for all images in indesign document using indesign javscript


      i want to add caption for all the images in indesign document..

      this is my code .. im getting error like ,

      invalid parameter.


      capset ();



      function capset()


      var doc = app.activeDocument;

      var myPicture = doc.allGraphics;

      var gb,i, myCaption;

      while(pic = myPicture.pop() )


      gb= pic.geometricBounds;

      // add a frame to to picture's parent, which is a Page

      myCaption = pic.parent.textFrames.add ();

      // set position and size of the caption

      myCaption.geometricBounds = [gb[2], gb[1], gb[2]+3, gb[3]];

      // add placeholder contents

      myCaption.contents = "Caption";

      pic.parent.groups.add ([pic, myCaption]);