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    Adobe RAW 9.1 (9.1.1) - slow / chopped performance

    Tele55 Level 1

      I just upgraded to CC 2015 and I love everything.

      However - ONLY in the RAW editing stage, after having done some adjustments, incl. spot removal and graduated filters, - when clicking "Open Image" to open in Photoshop, I see a loading bar / delay with some images (app. 2-4 seconds). Seems to me the more an image has been worked on the more likely this happens.

      Raw images that have been un-editied or little edited open fast(er).

      After opened in PS everything is fast and normal. (performance always 100% / no scratch used)

      I'm sure it can't be my machine - Win7, 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, SSD drive for system and scratch (52 GB free space), Nvidia GTX 460, Intel i7

      Preferences / performance set to 70%, Video Card open GL, Advanced

      Cache regularily purched


      What could cause this bottle neck just at opening an image from RAW into PS ?


      Thanks in advance