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    Development presets will not do cropping and rotation?


      In order to optimize my workflow I need to apply a few things to all my pictures on import:

      Activation of a lens profile (DJI, Phantom 3 FC300X)

      Cromatic abberation (on)

      Crop to 16:9 aspect ratio (centered)

      Rotation: +0,6


      I do a lot of aerial photography with a DJI-Phantom quattrocopter. I take the images in 4:3 (to give myself a little leaveway vertically) and almost all of them get cropped to 16:9 and a centered crop is a good start.

      Additionally the horizon is off by a little, so practically every image is off by 0,6 and needs to be adjusted.


      This said, it would save me a lot of work to have a preset that applies these values.


      When I try to incorporate those into a user-defined preset, I only seem to be able to do

         Lens correction

            Lens profile corrections

            Cromatic aberrations

      that i can activate...


      Am I doing something wrong? Am I looking in the wrong place? Or is it not possible to automate crop and rotation in a user preset?

      Or is there another way of automating this on an import basis.