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    I use InDesign CS5 on a Mac. Love it except one thing. PDFs of fullcolour books are enormous, even the "smallest file size" option.


      Question... I have, for instance, a 132.5 MB InDesign5 book file. Full colour book, 92 pages. This is big compared to Quark 9 of the same pages, but no great problem, just a bit.

      But the PDF made from the InDesign5 file is 63.7 MB!!! And this is the 'smallest file size' option.

      A Quark equivalent would always be less then 10MB, and emailable as an attachment. These InDesign files have to be transferred or uploaded to editors and others, often overseas, for checking, and with BT super slow upload speeds, it takes hours.

      Is there a way to further compress these files? They only need to be read on screen, and checked that the correct photos/illustrations in place. Then printed maybe, but still only for mark or reference.

      Anybody solved this one. It has to be the InDesign Achilles' Heal!