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    Re my questions re CS5 InDesign and PDF sizes


      Many thanks for giving up your time, BobLevine, Derek Cross and rob day, to answer my questions.


      Can't see how to continue in the existing dialogue window, so have started another.


      Maybe my OS is too old for youthful programmers!


      Bob, I tried what you suggested (I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9), but it said I wan't allowed or couldn't do it.


      Derek, I didn't create the files. They were done originally in Thailand on... I know not what platform or version. Also I am not advanced enough to know how to ascertain efficient size, ppi and JPG compression, or what to do about it.

      I get a 63.7 MB PDF from a 132.5 MB InDesign file.


      rob, I tired what you suggested, but only got it down from 63.7 to 81.8.


      Any other further ideas, I'm happy to try, but I guess I may have to live with them! :-(