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    Resize image, then fit content, then center content... A lot of times

    Nick Rooney Level 1

      (I'm using ID CS 5.5 - not ready to leave the disc version)


      I have a PDF with a lot of pages. I have a script that creates a page and places each page of the PDF inside of an InDesign file. The problem is this: it places the PDF page all the way to the edge of the art board, rather than just the margins. Is there a way to have the placed page resized? Here is what I'm currently doing on each page after the import is done:


      1. Resize content box to fit margins (magenta lines).
      2. Press "fit content proportionally" button.
      3. Press "center content" button.


      I'm hoping there is a way to automate this process. The file I'm working on is 80 pages, but I have a couple that are 600 pages... those scare me.