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    Sean.twyman Level 1

      I'm kind of stuck or missing something here. I have a DropDown with 3 entries preformatted but also have the option check to let users enter custom text. However thats not ths issue. 

      The issue is that no matter if i put a script in the "Actions" tab under mouse up run JavaScript, or in the validation script or the calculation script i am getting an error : "InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown."


      and when selecting a name in this dropdown it does not execute the code to put a time in the var b field.


      Here is the script and error from my console window.


      var a = this.getField("ddName");
      var b = this.getField("StartTime");
      if (a.value = "Name1"){
      b.value = "7:30am";
      else if (a.value = "Name2"){
      b.value = "8:00am";
      else if (a.value = "Name3"){
      b.value = "10:00am";
      b.value = ""
      Exception in line 4 of function top_level, script AcroForm:ddName:Validate
      InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.