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    After last update my text color is Registration by default. How do I get it back to black?

    GraphicalError Level 1

      I noticed this happened after the last update not too long ago. I tried to print a separation to film using only the black channel and it gave me an error stating nothing would print because there is nothing in that color. So I did some research and found out that everything I did lately the text color was "Registration" instead of black. Why is this? It isn't hard to change it to black but it is a waste of time that every time I have to change the default in my document. I don't see a way to change the color permanently to black. I've tried the usual but nothing will change the default text color. Is this a problem in the new update or is there something I can change? I've been using InDesign forever and Pagemaker before that... I've never had to deal with the text color NOT being black by default. Anyone else experience this? How do I fix this?