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    Loading XMP In Lightroom


      I am working on a workflow using Lightroom instead of Photo Mechanic and am trying to load in a single XMP file to then apply to all the files without having to create a metadata template.  I work for a publication that has a lot of shoots and photographers so creating/changing templates for each is not an option.  The XMP file is generated before each shoot by our in house system.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  I've searched for everything, and it seems to only focus on transferring the (retouching) settings from other adobe programs opposed to generic XMP data.  I need it to appear in the IPTC template.  The "Save Metadata to File" option seems to only be referencing any changes made internally, and not the XMP with the same name.  The "Read Metadata" doesn't seem to reference the XMP with the same name either.  I am currently looking into the Adobe XMP Toolkit SDK program to see if that could possibly help things (but the fewer steps involved the better).  HELP!