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    Lightroom CC relocates my spot removal's original locations

    Jerold Randolph

      I am not sure what triggers it, but when I am working on large raw photos (22MB) occasionally (maybe 3-4 times) when I reopen Lightroom to the same catalog, the spot removal that I applied are now scattered randomly around the photos.


      Three things:

      (1) Some photos have 30-50 spot removal uses and some may have half or a 3rd.

      (2) this problem only affects the photos that I have used the spot removal tool on in that specific directory (it does not affect the entire catalog).

      (3) all my other adjustments are not affected at all.

      (4) [this is odd]. Every virtual copy has the same identical scatter pattern.

      (5) the catalog itself has about 8,000 photos.


      My system:


      Windows 8.1

      12 RAM

      1GB Video Card

      2 TB hard drive


      Lightroom CC

      Photoshop CC