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    Installation of Adobe Updates - Internet Connectivity Issue




      I am having issues with downloading Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader updates using the online updater. First, background information: I am using Windows 8.1 with Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash v18.0. I am currently at home with a stable internet connection (See speedtest result below) and with internet access. This means that I can access any webpage using both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on the computer that has the issue, as well as from other devices in the house using the same internet connection.


      However, both the Adobe Flash v18 updater as well as the Adobe Reader updater fail with "Unable to establish a connection" error. This does not seem to be isolated to Adobe; Windows and Java have the same problem for updating (See my post in the Microsoft Forums here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-networking/internet-connectivi ty-issues-installing-updates/b675f43a-d4dc-4aa5-88be-e1d1daadc31f?tab=question&status=AllR eplies#tabs).


      I have tried disabling Windows Firewall, but that did not solve anything. I did just get home from a six-week vacation in China, where I was mostly using a VPN proxy for my internet connection. I am unsure if this has anything to do with the issue. I saw this other post by user @*Angel_Star* and here (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1907050) but it seems to still be unanswered and geared for MacOS. Specific help would be greatly appreciated!


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          ChunyangD Level 1

          This issue has been resolved!


          Windows 8.1 uses different proxy settings than I expected. While I had reverted the proxy settings in Mozilla Firefox back to the original "Automatically detect proxy settings", the setting within Windows 8.1 (Found via search: Network Proxy) was still set to use a script that I was using while in China. After resetting this to also use "Automatically detect proxy settings", downloads for installations works properly. Hope this helps someone else!

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            Hi ChunyangD,

            Thanks for posting the info on your connection speed.  The offline installer for Firefox is posted at the bottom of the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows page in the 'Still having problems' section.


            Microsoft embeds Flash Player for Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and they release updates via Windows Update.  As such, to update Flash Player for Internet Explorer you'll need to run Windows Update, or download the installer from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3079777.


            I'd like to get the verbose installation log files from you for the online installer team to investigate further.  Please do the following:


            1. Download the Flash Player for Firefox installer from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.  Do not launch the installer yet
              1. You'll need to go to the website using Firefox to get the correct installer
            2. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Users\<YourUserID>\AppData\Local\Temp\
            3. Create an empty text file named ADM.trace inside your %temp% directory.  The file extension itself is .trace, not .txt or anything else.
              1. To create the file, right-click in an empty area and select New > Text Document
              2. Rename the new file to ADM.trace
            4. Run the online installer again until it stops
            5. When the installation stops navigate to C:\Users\<YourUserID>\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs
            6. Upload the two files, Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log using the instructions The specified item was not found.
            7. Post the URL to the uploaded files in your reply.


            While Adobe Reader uses a similar online installer, I don't work on that product and am not familiar with their process for obtaining log files.  You can post your Adobe Reader question to the Acrobat Reader forums.