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    ActionScript to buttons Please!!!

    Seise Level 1
      Now I have sent a lot of New Topics and asked for some help, but there seems no one who can help me with my problems...

      It’s hard for some one new beginner in Flash to explain what I need help with, the things that I need help with is several right now….. I think at least…

      If I try to take the issue again….:

      On my page I thought to have some buttons for different movie clips. Let’s say that I want to have 3 different “links” like:

      About me

      About my daughter

      About my Interests

      OK so far….

      When some one wants to read about my daughter, he clicks on the button… And it will go from left side to right and expand. Like:

      About me

      About my daughter ---------------------------------------> about my daughter

      About my Interests

      And then if they click on something else the previous text goes back to its origin place..

      There are a very good example at a Swedish mc Clubs sight, but they have some buttons, and when you click on them the symbols on those buttons enlarges and goes to right, that’s how I want it to work.. if you want to see so go to: http://www.strulmcc.se

      They have text even in English..

      Best regards Micke Seise..

      If you have a lot of questions you can mail me at: ari@mickesei.se

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          Metro Media
          I will help you tomorrow, reply to this post in the morning so I get an email about it and wont forget. Hopefully you can wait that long. this should be pretty easy to solve for you.
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            Hi seise, the effects you are trying to do seems easy enough, but im new to action script so i couldn't help you do it with code.
            I can however give you some ideas how you could do it in the timeline. ( to animate the effect yourself )
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              Metro Media Level 1
              ok..here is how you do this.
              We will use the tween class...look it up in help to learn about it.

              create the text you want to use as buttons, then convert each one to a movie clip and give it an instance name.
              for the example I will be using btn1, btn2 etc.

              once you have created those, decide on x coordinates where you want the animations to start and stop.

              Then put this code on the first frame or the frame that holds the movie clips.

              this example is built for 4 buttons, if you want to add more you can copy and edit the code as much as you need.

              here is an example of how this code will function http://www.metro-media.net/flashTutorial/buttonSlide.html

              Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions