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    Help with my laptop


      Hi you guys,

      am new to this stuff, but am planning to dive into after effects later this year and i was about to get a laptop, so was wondering would it be able to run AE smoothly or should i consider another one.
      I'm buying a Dell Inspiron 15 7548 with 16 gigs of Ram, 500 gigs SSD and an AMD R7 260M 4 gigs graphics card.

      Also how long do you think it would take to be able to become an AE freelancer?

      Any suggestions for the laptops would be great


      Thanks guys in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sure AE will run on this machine. The rest we can#t know. you are using vague terms like "smoothly", which is totally meaningless. Any computer can be made to not run smoothly if only the projects are complex enough. Likewise, we can't advise on your career because we don't know what stuff you do, how well and quickly you do it and what your overall skill level is.