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    What is the outbox


      What  is the outbox. Where I can find my document

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          Outbox is an optional item that is hidden by default.


          Here's the screenshot of Acrobat Reader for iOS.  The Android version has a different user interface.



          You will see the Outbox option only when you save a PDF document to Adobe Document Cloud or convert a document from/to PDF using a paid online subscription service (e.g. Adobe Export PDF, Adobe PDF Pack).


          Your documents are stored in one of the following locations.


          • Local  (on your mobile device - iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone)
          • Document Cloud  (sign-in required)
          • Create Cloud  (sign-in required)


          You can select Local to find the documents on your device and select Document Cloud/Create Cloud to find the documents in the cloud storage.


          Hope this helps.