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    Lightroom 6 keeps locking up my computer


      Today is the third day in a row that I have spent more time re-booting than I have spent actually working on editing photos (a hard re-boot by holding start button until it shuts off!). I have clients that I am trying to do work for but can't. I am VERY, VERY disappointed in this program. Aside from these most recent problems LR6 is a major memory hog. A simple task like exporting photos or creating previews causes any music I have playing in the background to dropout/skip/static from the depletion of memory needed to run LR6. The only programs I have open at the time are Chrome and LR6. All I was doing today was simply importing photos (no rendering previews). Twice it froze up the computer and I needed to hold the start button to get the computer to shut down.


      Screenshot 2015-08-03 14.54.05.png