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    Machine learning and speed editing bulk images


      Hey all, I've been thinking about this for some time and wanted to run a couple of Q's by you all.


      I shoot about 50 weddings a year and most of the time outsource the editing. The cost of editing always seems quite low for the amount of images I send off. In fact in some cases you can pay a subscription and send as many images as you like.


      Is there some kind of automated system that can do the bulk corrections for me, or a system that the editors might use rather than just the AUTO button. When I've received my files back I look for consistencies and in some cases the white balance has been set the same throughout 20-60 images in a set but the other sliders, like exposure and HSL is different suggesting each adjustment had human intervention


      Secondly, would it be crazy to suggest a feature in lightroom like machine learning where it can analyze a collection of catalogues, the original images and the adjustments made which in turn will apply a 'best fit' based on previous edits?


      Thanks for any input!