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    Audio and Animation out of sync during RAM Preview? Audio plays too soon?




      I am trying to create an animation using After Effects CS5.5, but the last few times I've used After Effects CS5.5, I've noticed I've been having RAM preview issues?


      The main issue I am having a hard time dealing with is syncing issues between the audio and the animation. The audio plays too soon, throwing the animation off sync.


      I've tried Googling this issue, but the only useful thing I've come across but I've already done is to make sure the FPS in the RAM Preview matches the Comp's set FPS, which are both at 30. My animation documents consist of multiple compositions and all comps are set to the same FPS, making the tempo of the audio fine, but it still plays too soon out of alignment with my animation.


      As for my RAM statistics, I have 8GB of RAM on my laptop, 7.95GB usable. When After Effects is running, it's usually the only application running other than my internet browser. I'm looking at my Task Manager with After Effects open and the CPU usage is only at 5% and Physical Memory at 34%, which is pretty good for my laptop. The OS for my Laptop is Windows 7 in case you need to know.


      I've tried resetting my After Effects settings by holding CTRL+Alt+Shift while booting up AE and it reset, but didn't resolve my issue.


      I've also heard that the audio itself could be the problem? It's an MP3 file, should I use a different format like WAV?


      The thing is, when I export my animation out as an MOV file, it plays perfectly in Quicktime & VLC Media Player.


      I don't know what else to try, so if anybody could please help me figure out what the issue could be, that would be great! Thank you for your time!


      - Justin