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    Flex-Master Needed

    rica_help Level 1
      I hope that this isn't an intrusion.

      I wish to hire an expert to teach me how to configure two flex applications:

      Flex/FMS Video Guestbook

      Flex/FMS Video Conference

      All of the application files are complete - I just want to learn how to make them work. I can use FMS successfully, but am baffled by Flex (not from a lack of trying, believe me). I have the software for remote instruction, so I just need to pay someone to walk me through the configuration steps for the above with both of us online together. I presume it would take an expert about 1 - 2 hours (maybe fewer, since the app files are done - Noob just can't make them work).

      PM me if interested - please look over the links/files first and arrive at a per hour price. Please also make them work yourself before messaging.