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    ID design needs to be editable by non-ID user

    W2IRT Level 1

      Hi all,

      Big question that has me stumped completely. I was tasked to design a badge for a club I belong to, and I did so using InDesign. It's a template that will obviously need to be filled in with the names and other information for each individual member. I am not, however, the person who actually makes the badges. He's somewhat computer-illiterate understands the basics of Word and Excel, but he's the one who owns a badge machine and a very expensive high-end photo printer -- and lives over 100 miles away. So going to his house to print out a badge every time a member wants one isn't practical. I also don't want to be the one to edit each individual file since our club has over 200 members.


      The problem is how can I generate a template at full resolution that I can send him and allow him to make individual badges to print out and laminate. I don't think PDF allows this -- at least it didn't when I tried it--and I don't know of any other tool that seems like it would work. Any help appreciated.


      Please 'n' Thanks.