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    Cannot Upgrade to Student Plan


      Adobe either keeps claiming I am a Dominican student (since I was in the DR for two months) or simply will not let me buy the student plan but offers up everything else. I even have a .edu email sign in. I have not signed up for this college plan before, and would much rather pay 20 dollars a month for CR6 then $50 (Aka I cannot afford 50 a month). I have shut down and restarted my computer now that I am back in the US, and I have tried to access it through the application on my computer, through expired trials, and on adobe's website.


      Any thoughts on the best course of action here? Really appreciate any advice or insight!

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          If you are in a different country than you were when you created your AdobeID, you will likely need to create a new AdobeID for the country you are in now.  The country of the Adobe ID, payment details & store has to be same.


          Due to tax reasons, it's not possible to change the country associated with an existing Adobe ID. As a workaround, you can create a new Adobe ID with the email address that is associated with your current Adobe ID.  See link for instructions:

            Change the country associated with your Adobe ID


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