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    Lightroom 5 Printing Blanks


           Hello everyone, I just upgraded to Windows 10 and had printed a photo just moments before Lightroom suddenly only starting showing blanks for Print Previews and prints alike. I had applied a black background for the photo, in order to fill the gaps. I printed the first without a hitch, and suddenly, as I was perusing the second photo I'd print, the preview window was all black.


      I had just installed the new photoshop, right before anything went awry.


      I updated my printers with Windows 10 Drivers

      I made sure the firmware is up to date...

      I uninstalled Lightroom and Photoshop and reinstalled both.

      I even deleted the preference files and folders after uninstalling.


      I optimized the catalogue, I imported from the original catalogue into another, I even tried creating a new, separate catalogue which yielded only blank pages.


      Please help! I have to print many photos for an event coming up and this problem came in last minute. I'm hoping the community could pull together to help me out.


      Thank you for your time!