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    How to create a new FDS2 web application in Jrun4 server?

      Hi Folks,

      I installed the Jrun4 server in c:\Jrun4, then unzip the flex.war ( form fds2 express package) to
      Now i get Flex Data Service (web application ) running on Jrun4 server. I can access all my testing application below the flex folder like this:

      How can I create a new FDS web application ourside flex folder? so that I can access it like this:
      The Livedoc did not tell me enough detail to deploy my FDS web application to a new folder outside flex.
      Should I make a new folder below default ( C:\JRun4\servers\default\myapp) , then copy everything below flex (C:\JRun4\servers\default\flex\*) to it ? What I need to do with C:\JRun4\servers\default\flex\WEB-INF\web.xml ?
      What's the right way to do it? Please lead me to the right way.