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    InDesign keeps crashing when placing an rtf document

    NViereckel Level 1


      I need urgent help as my indesign file keep crashing when trying to place an rift document into it. I have done this numerous times before as I do lots of reports with loads of references and you cannot place or copy and paste a word document into indesign without losing all the references within the document.

      This crashing happened recently but that time I removed all the images and it seemed to work again.

      So this time I did the same and it still crashes the indesign document.

      There were a couple of footnotes, I removed them, still crashing.

      I saved the indesign file to an idml file and reopened and resaved and it still crashed.

      I placed a different rft file in my indesign document and it worked. Could it be how the client is saving the word document? IT all looks the same to me and I am the one saving out the rift file (in exactly the same way).

      I am wasting so much time on this I would love Microsoft and Adobe to work together better, but in the mean I need a fix as I am on a tight timeframe with this report.

      Thanking everyone in advance.