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    InD 6 missing PMS colors


      With document open, selecting New Color Swatch, the libraries open, I select spot then Pantone+ Solid coated.

      Then I type into the field 541. It jumps to 5415. After exhausting the list, I finally find 541.

      I cannot waste this time on jobs searching for missing spots.

      This link explains how to overcome this by adding a Legacy color library...


      When I clicked the link in the article to the library, the subsequent page said not available.

      Then, since I still had CS5.5 and CS3 still on hdrive, I simply copied the PANTONE solid coated.acbl file into the same Preset location in CS6.

      It did not appear at the bottom of the New Color drop down as illustrated in the above link.

      When I choose Other Library at bottom, the libraries are grayed out in the application Preset folder.

      Load Swatches does not solve it either.

      How can I see a Legacy Pantone library in CS6 and avoid the default Pantone swatch foul up?

      Does Adobe offer a fix for this? I could not find one nor could I find any discussions pertaining to this precise issue.




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          G. Singelmann Level 3

          I do not know how to install legacy libraries.


          Until someone does, you could give this script a try:





          function main() {

            var name = prompt ("Which Colour?", "241 C");



            try {

            app.activeDocument.importAdobeSwatchbookSpotColor ("PANTONE " + name);

            } catch(e) {






          It asks for the number of a Pantone Spot and tries to import exactly that spot. If the number does not exist you’ll get an error message.


          Remember that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to a script if you need this often.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            to get 541, just type 541 and the spacebar.

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              icfives Level 1

              Thanks G.

              Actually the link in my quere explains how to add legacy color libraries. But they didn't show up in the Swatches palette when I installed them.

              The scripts thing is way too involved for me being a designer rather than a techie. But thanks for the input.

              The "missing" colors issue does not happen that often. But when I can't find one using the simple search (adding the PMS in the field) and it doesn't appear, that's a problem.

              After googling about this, I've come to realize many folks are upset about this with CS6, apparently happens in Illust also.

              That's why they are reverting to the legacy books which still work.



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                icfives Level 1

                BIG thanks Peter.

                This works. Never saw this solution anywhere in my googling over this issue.

                Some of those in the forums think this is a bug in CS6. Would that be true?

                Why wouldn't Adobe send out a notice on this? Or perhaps I'm not on that list?

                Regardless, your solution DOES work for 541. I presume it would also solve any other "missing" PMSs




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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I actually learned that trick here on the forum, I think from Mike Wenzloff.


                  As far as I know it works for the 3-digit color numbers that want to go to 4-digits.


                  As to whether it's a bug, or as designed, I can't say, but it isn't going to get changed for CS6.

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                    icfives Level 1

                    Thanks again Peter for comments.

                    I also saw this solution in another InD forum later.

                    Interestingly another entry stated, because that person became so angry with not finding the PMS, he slammed his keyboard accidentally hitting the Delete key which removed the undesirable 4th digit revealing the 3 digit PMS he was looking for.

                    Glad I didn't get to that point although simple setbacks like this can be really irritating.