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    Why do I have to log out and back in every time there's an update?


      Starting with the 7/27/2015 update notification, on 7/28/2015 for me, my Creative Cloud app DOES NOT SEE updates until I either kill it in task manager OR log out and back in within the app.


      By "does not see" I mean I get the system tray notification that there is an update (but only one icon, the one that when clicked has "open updater", when before this started happening there use to be two icons and now that second only shows up AFTER I've already relogged), but upon opening the app, all my installed apps show the grey "open" button instead of the blue "update" button. The first time this happened, it was actually the update for the CC app itself that opened to the old version instead of prompting me with the: update available, "install now" button, and support told me to delete my opm.db file (which worked, but I'm guessing was superfluous since MERELY relogging has worked subsequently)


      This has happened with EVERY update since, where I've had to either end the process and reopen Creative Cloud, or log out of Creative Cloud and log back in. DOING SO makes the blue update button show itself, and the last few updates have installed just fine, but this is extremely annoying and I want to know why this problem is occurring.


      I'm running an up-to-date Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system. Please address this issue.