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    Conflict with page formats when applying master page




      We have a problem when working with master pages in InDesign CS6

      Unfortunately I only have a german InDesign, but I'll try to translate the error messages


      The document has two pages: page 90+91 and a few master pages.

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-04 um 09.51.30.png


      All pages (document pages and master pages) have the same bounds (0,0,210,280) - I checked this with javascript:

      leer 0,0,280,210

      TÜV 0,0,280,210

      TÜV 0,0,280,210

      ANZ 0,0,280,210



      90 0,0,280,210

      91 0,0,280,210



      As long as I keep the document like this, everything is fine! But then we changed the document page range to 91+92:

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-04 um 09.54.41.png


      Afterwards we wanted to apply a different master page (before "leer" / after "TÜV-Mantel") and we get the following message:

      The message reads "Format conflict with master page --- Page 91 uses a custom page format. The current format of the page can be kept as it is or changed to the size of the new master page."

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-03 um 15.53.45.png

      This is strange, because all pages use the same page format and have the same page sizes.


      If I click "use master page format" nothing obvious changes and I can keep working.

      I can change master pages back and forth now on page 91 without trouble.


      Now, if for some reason, we wanted to change the page range back to 90+91 (it's only one spread again) and apply another master page once more, the same error occurs again.



      We don't have this problem with other documents and are really confused why this happens. The problem is, we need to use this document (the others have different settings) and we don't have the option to first apply the master page and only change the page range afterwards, as we are woking with a workflow system, and Journal Designer which provide the exact page ranges.


      I hope you understand my problem and maybe have some ideas?


      Thank you in advance and best regards,