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    After Effects CS6 Hangs Everywhere

      • After Effects CS6 (
      • Installed patch
      • Windows 7 64 bits with Service pack 1.
      • Usually AE hangs for about 30 sec. Sometimes AE just crashes with message: NVIDIA OpenGL Driver error code : 3. Should be 2 different issues.
      • Clicking menu, dragging item, right clicking, hotkeys...etc.
      • This issue always happens since I installed AE CS6.
      • Intel Core i5-2400 / 3.10GHz / 4 cores / 12GM RAM / GT 220 / 2 Monitors / 1 single hard drive with 2 partitions (System and AE cache on different drives).
      • NVidia 341.44
      • No third-party I/O hardware.
      • No footage, even empty solid layer will do.
      • No quicktime installed.
      • Task manager.
      • No 3rd party codec installed.
      • Are you using OpenGL features in After Effects?
        Not sure.
      • Does the problem only happen with your final output, RAM preview, or both?
        It happens when I'm using the AE UI.
      • Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing?
        With or without this option have the same result.
      • Are you using the ray-traced 3D renderer?
        Don't know how to check.
      • If the problem is with output, give your exact output settings (both render setting and output module settings). Screenshots help.
        Not output issue.



      I've set the disk cache to D:/ with maximum cache size 100GB.


      Installed RAM: 12GB

      RAM reserved for other applications: 1.5GB

      RAM available for AE: 10.5GB

      Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously is ON

      CPUs reserved for other applications: 1

      RAM allocation per background CPU: 1.5GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used: 3


      This issue is really annoying and I can't work with it at all. AE hangs for 30 sec ~ 1 min when I did something, then AfterFX.exe process will raise CPU loading to full (25% in my case, since my CPU has 4 cores). And sometime AE crashes with the NVidia driver error.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Umm, well:

          • GT 220 / 2 Monitors


          That's not going to fly to the moon. Seriously underpowered would be a mild way of putting it and it's by no means a card that I would even remotely consider for professional graphics apps.



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            AaronXChen Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            Thanks for your reply.

            When my AE get stuck, my project is almost empty. The GPU-Z shows my GPU was idling, however the CPU was quite busy.

            Actually not only AE, it made the whole OS stuck too. So I believe my poor GPU should not be the problem in this case.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Should it? Can it? Of course it can. Insufficient performance and bad driver configuration can have all sorts of ill effects even if the GPU itself is not involved. Anyway, it's a moot point. Without some serious observation and diagnostics this is nothing anyone can figure out for you. As a start, experiment with your graphics configuration - unplug the second monitor, switch resolutions, check the device manager.