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    Flash modal popup window - Populating content at run-time

    Peter Robertson
      I would really appreciate some help with this one.

      I'm using the Flash Window component, using mx.managers.PopUpManager, mx.containers.Window.
      My call looks like this;

      var my_win:MovieClip = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, Window, true, {closeButton:true, contentPath:"popUpMessage_mc"});

      where popUpMessage_mc is a movieclip symbol created at design time and exported for actionscript in frame 1 at compile time.

      What I've done easily is substituted the movieclip symbols to display different messages at runtime. What I REALLY would like to do is dynamically set the text content of a single, re-useable symbol at runtime to alert users to different conditions. I've tried coding a setter function in the symbol and various other tactics, but don't seem to be able to talk to it once it has loaded.

      Could someone tell me the best approach to this please? (Note, I don't want to go out to javascript, html, etc).

      Many thanks