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    Weird font issues since CC updates




      Since I installed Creative Cloud (on a trial basis) I noticed that the regular web display fonts on some of my frequently used sites were displaying oddly… mainly the forums I was using for several of my hobbies started displaying copy as Helvetica Italic instead of regular Helvetica. The one I used most frequantly was a version using Raven CMS version 2.51.00.


      It wasn't a major issue so i let it lie and vowed to investigate when I got some spare time. Everything was working fine with the CC apps I was trialling (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro etc).


      I decided to enrol for the full paid subscription and everything has been going just fine (apart from what appears to be common problems when viewing previews in Illustrator and Acrobat Pro, judging by the posts on here) but as of today when I did updates to my main apps, font display on most sites appears to be whacked… everything is displaying as Helveticva Bold… including this preview as I type, plus google searches etc.

      And most alarmingly Mac Mail is behaving very oddlty.


      The cursor is not behaving correctly when trying to highlight and copy text… the pasted result drops characters from the front and rear of the element that is highlighted. I tried to use the direction arrows on the keyboard as well but that again behaved erratically.


      Can anyone shed any light?


      My Mac is running the very latest OS X and all of my software is up to date.

      Is this a potential typekit issue? I use Extensis Fusion for my font management and have no desire to change from that… its been a long and relatively pain free relationship over many years.


      Thanks in advance