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    "Failed to wait for process condition: errno(43)."

    matsu44 Level 1

      FMS will continue to output such a log large amounts of the following, it has higher load average.


      "Failed to wait for process condition: errno (43)."


      "Failed to wait for process condition: errno (22)."



      Cause load average is high, I believe I / O of the log output. But I do not know why the log is output s.


      Measures to increase the maximum value of the following URL of the semaphore, we have already implemented.




      Do you know information that leads to the cause?

      Also, do you know the measures?

      Thank you very much in advance.



      [Server environment]

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 8)

      Flash Media Server 3.5.1 r516

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          Hey there


          Not sure if you solved the issue yet with errno(43) but it got solved for me after upgrading linux kernel from 3.x to 4.12.
          However, i still have the errno(22). I think i have found the cause but i'm not aware of a solution.
          It looks like the amsmaster process keeps referencing to deleted files in tmp/ folder inside /opt/adobe/fms.


          When executing "lsof -p `pidof amsmaster`" i see amsmaster referencing deleted files:


          amsmaster 2457 root   31r   REG              253,0         0  102896108 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.19667 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   32r   REG              253,0         0  102896123 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.20695 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   33r   REG              253,0         0  102893634 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.21255 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   34r   REG              253,0         0  102893671 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.23953 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   35r   REG              253,0         0  102893656 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.26679 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   36r   REG              253,0         0  102892652 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.29373 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   37r   REG              253,0         0  102893642 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.27738 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   38r   REG              253,0         0  102892663 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.32680 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   39r   REG              253,0         0  102892655 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.33818 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   40r   REG              253,0         0  102892640 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.34480 (deleted)

          amsmaster 2457 root   41r   REG              253,0         0  102892684 /opt/adobe/fms/tmp/__FCS___mtx.36786 (deleted)


          And they never get cleaned up.

          Total number of open files by amsmaster:

          lsof -p `pidof amsmaster`| wc -l


          from which the deleted ones:

          lsof -p `pidof amsmaster`| grep deleted |wc -l


          Comparing to the actual number of alive amscores difference makes sense.



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            AndyD79 Level 1

            A minor correction. My error is "Failed to signal process condition: errno(22)". and not "Failed to wait for process condition: errno (22)."