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    Why do many of my synchronized photos/smart previews show -5.00EV in Lightroom Mobile?


      Hi all,


      I've recently taken the plunge and subscribed to CC after buying the standalone LR6 when it was released. I did this as I wanted to add a tablet to my workflow. I can now pick/reject images and make crops and basic adjustments on a tablet from the comfort of my sofa. This means less hours spent hiding away in my office in front of the computer. The problem I've encountered though is that it seems to be showing many of the photos I've sync'd with -5.00EV, and a histogram showing all squished against the left had side. Although the image itself does not appear as if the exposure it pulled down that much. If I hit Auto Tone it shows a correct histogram but any adjustment that cancels auto tone reverts the histogram to the previous state. In addition no adjustment made in Lightroom Mobile in the basic adjustments section has any effective. I don't know if it's incorrect data in the smart preview metadata or what but makes my purchase of CC subscription a lot less valuable as I have very little use for Photoshop CC.


      Sorry if this is in the wrong forum/community but not sure where else to post it.




      Note : This is on Windows 8.1, with upgrade from CC subscription applied to LR6 standalone which I previously had the LR Mobile trial activated on. Don't know if this would be a cause of any problem...