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    Cannot Import C4D file, cannot export C4D File




      I have a very frustrating problem.


      I have a C4D file. It is a logo. I have an After effects project. It contains the scene I want my logo in. The camera is in the After effects project, with a move.


      I try to import the C4D file using the new Cineware workflow. When I chose "use comp camera", the logo dissapears. I assume this is because the world space is so vastly different (even though, as far as I can tell, it's the same coordinates). If I click merge cameras, the project crashes. This is repeatable.


      So instead I think I will export the project file to C4D. Then I can use the camera in C4D, render out the logo and the move, and composite it back in. The old way of doing it. However, the file that after effects exports, cannot be read by Cinema 4D. It says unknown file type.

      I'm on a 2013 Mac dustbin, with CC 13.2.0, and C4D R16. I have tried with R13.


      Any help would be appreciated,