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    LR 6 high CPU usage while at idle in the background - what is it doing?

    knipsefritze Level 1

      The fans on my 27 iMac i7 were spinning up a while ago and since I was not doing anything but writing mails, I checked the activity monitor to learn, that LR6, which was running in the background for hours at idle at the time, was using up 200% cpu power. What the heck...

      I had my family picture catalogue open at the time that comprises of roughly 15000 pictures. Since I had tried the dreadful face detection on that catalogue, I figured, that this feature might be the one that awoke from sleep and went bananas. I closed LR and opened it up again and it seemed fine then.


      But for the last two days, I was working on a catalogue with merely 500 pictures, all previews fully rendered already and often in the background at idle not doing anything. Still, the activity monitor shows that LR6 is constantly doing something and using up CPU, anything from 5% to 100%.  Right now it uses 83-100% CPU even though it is not used and in the background for the last 2 hours. Photoshop CS5 is also always open and at idle in the background and it is using up a mere 1 % CPU.


      Why on earth would LR 6.1.1 constantly need so much CPU power, while it is just sitting in the background not doing anything? I am on Yosemite with 12 GB of Ram. There is no other programm, that uses up so much CPU power when at idle in the background.