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    cas de support n° 0214089568


      i would like to install my sotware Adobe 1ere element bought yesterday on line on Adobe website (support N°0214089568).


      I have downloaded the software on Adobe website and i received the serial number but after the installation of software it does not work...


      Could you help me to solve quickly this problem ?


      Thanks for answer.




      Roger Guibert.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Roger Guibert


          This is not Adobe. Rather user to user forum. We can try to work with you to find a solution, but we do need details, and we do not have access to your computer for remote control of your computer troubleshooting. Do not post any personal information in your replies since this is a public forum, not Adobe company.


          1. What computer operating system is involved?


          2. In what way does the installed program not work

          a. Cannot get to Welcome screen

          b. You get to Welcome screen, put Organizer Tab and Video Editor Tab does not respond when you click on either one

          c. You get beyond the Welcome Screen, but the program crashes when you are in the Premiere Elements workspaces or the Elements Organizer workspaces

          d. Other


          If needed


          Link to Adobe Chat for Downloading and Installing

          Contact Customer Care


          Instructions for return/refund if you purchase the product as a download from Adobe and are within 30 days of purchase

          Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order


          Please consider, and do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or need clarification on the above.


          Thank you.