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    Premiere Elements 13 slow to no redraw and just clunky slow!


      Hello everyone. I've been having some issues for some time now and I know that some of it might be related to the recent Windows 10 upgrade the system did but I was having these issues even before the upgrade and I've decided to see what can be done.


      I have plenty of free hard drive space free and I have installed into my system 32G ram so those should not be a issue. I also have an installed video card that should GPU accelerate and the option is selected in the General box. However I'm having a ton of issues with Premiere Elements playing nice!


      For one, I think that the system IS NOT using the GPU at all! The monitor window does not refresh even if I do a render of the timeline! I'm rendering now hoping that the color blocking (blocks of color that is appearing in the monitor) goes away since it is NOT SHOWN with any other players on the system! BIG ISSUE! Again I had this BEFORE the update. I'm sure that the update didn't make things any better!


      Just moving around in the program can be a chore as well. For example it looks like it is straining to redraw the screen when I go and try to edit a title for example. When things like this occur, I check the task manager to see what kind of CPU and RAM use I have going on. Well the RAM useage is fine. I still have plenty left. The CPU is a bit high which is strange for a program that supposedly uses hardware acceleration.


      I really feel like I need to rant like h*** but I'm really trying not to!




      Any suggestions will be appreciated!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7


          For one, I think that the system IS NOT using the GPU at all!


          Premiere Elements, unlike Premiere Pro, cannot take advantage of the GPU CUDA properties of the video card/graphics card. Several versions back (last version I recall as being 8.0/8.0.1) Premiere Elements did offer GPU Effects and Transitions, but not since then.


          Yesterday I finally installed Windows 10 64 bit (Home) on a previous Windows 8.1 64 bit which had installed Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12/12.1, and 13/13.1.

          So far I have only had time to look at 13/13.1 and 11 with regard to burn to DVD and burn to AVCHD project, and I am not seeing any difference in performance related to the operating system change.


          I would look to the video card/graphics card driver version before and after the move to Windows 10. Although I had not problems with the replacement of Windows 8.1 64 bit with Windows 10, I did run into an audio driver problem when doing a replacement of Windows 7 64 bit with Windows 10. I had to reinstall the audio drive when I discovered that my Windows 10 had no sound. No problems with the video card/graphics card. Nonetheless, I would explore those driver versions - 1st, up to date and 2nd, if to date, is a roll back needed?


          What are the properties of your souce media for these projects before and after the change to Windows 10?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.





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            photoshopman72nc Level 1

            No hardware acceleration? Then please tell me what is this doing in my settings?


            Premiere Settings.jpg


            I had some issues with the upgrade especially with the video card. I had to go to NVidia's site and get the newest drivers and even then it fought me. I finally got them to install and yes I did check to see if I was running the NVidia drivers.


            Basically I'm recording my screen for some demos. Yes they are in 1080 but the videos play nicely in both VLC and the other video players that come with windows 10. I can skip forward or move backwards with no issues. Only in Premiere Elements!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              If you have a NVIDIA video card/graphics card, then the preference "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics or higher)" does not apply to you.

              It has been my understanding (since September 2014), that the preference applies to Rendering and Exports ONLY when are using a Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher video card/graphics card.

              • When several could not find a successful export, disabling of that preference has made it possible to export successfully and find that export after the export.
              • Further some could not get a successful burn to disc, with that preference enabled.


              The frequency of the Adobe presence in this essentially user to user forum is undefined. But PRE_help did make a valuable contribution on this matter in a September 2014 thread here Does the new version 13 include any support for CUDA or other graphics acceleration?

              Premiere Elements 13 does not support CUDA.


              We do support Intel based hardware acceleration on 64-bit Windows installations. If you have the Intel HD Graphics display adaptor, look for the version number. If it is Intel HD Graphics 2xxx, or above (3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx), the following features are accelerated

              1. Rendering

              2. Publish/Share (MPEG and AVC presets)


              This is governed by a setting in preferences (Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Use Hardware Acceleration... checkbox). It is turned ON by default.


              This is only for the mentioned Intel hardware. Even if you have a nVidia/ATI display adaptor that is generally considered "more powerful", the feature will not work unless the supported Intel dsplay adaptor is available.



              Premiere Elements Team

              See posts 4, 5, and 6 in the thread link cited - PRE_help goes on to point out the this preferences does not apply if one has the Intel HD Graphics in contrast to "Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher".


              Please consider and then we can consider other factors related to details.





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                photoshopman72nc Level 1

                First before I bust into full rant mode, I want to thank you ATR for at least trying to assist me in this manner. So it looks like anyone without that Intel adapter in their computers are screwed! Nice!


                Even with my overhead before I start Premiere Elements being low, I will have issues with this because there is no acceleration. This even though I beat the minimum requirements for this program! This thing should work at least decently well however it doesn't and won't! I have gone throughout the system looking for a reason why and still come up empty! And now my patience with this has reached a boiling point!!!!!!


                Not because of ATR but because of some IMHO lazy Adobe people!!!!


                Watch the eyes and cover the ears because I'm about to go the heck off!!!!!! *RANT*


                NO HARDWARE ACCELERATION? REALLY!?! What freaking year is this? With the higher definition consumer products getting more and more into the hands of the consumer and Adobe in their infinite wisdom decides to NOT INCLUDE HARDWARE ACCELERATION! If no compatible display adapter is found on the system, the program can at least disable the feature and it will default to software rendering. Will Adobe do that? Well it looks like ONLY IF YOU HAVE A INTEL CHIPSET!!!!! Why not anything else? Don't tell me you couldn't get the specs and that crap! I know better!!! Yes according to your system specs, it does not say anything about hardware acceleration however in some of the help articles, you mention hardware acceleration checks to see if it can fix some issues! Oh no where on YOUR SITE ADOBE DID IT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT SWITCH ONLY ACCELERATING THE INTEL CHIPSETS!!! I HAD TO FIND OUT HERE ON THE FORUMS!


                Is that a oxymoron or you being funny? Because I missed the joke!


                I can see some startup software company or some open source project having to software render because big corporations will not play too nice with the little guy however Adobe is no small fish and this should not be happening! One improvement that will cause a lot less headaches being ignored or in this case, partially implemented!


                It does look like I was disillusioned by a company whom I put my trust and others trust into.


                I now know better....


                I'm done here. Going to go out in the rain to cool off!


                Moderators, you can close this out, sweep it under the rug or do whatever with this. Since this company will do whatever anyways and won't listen to anything anyone has to say....