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    Editorial Workflow question


      I work for a small college and manage the publications. We've struggled over the years to establish a good workflow. Typically, I am given copy change requests on a word document and then make the changes in InDesign and then export a PDF and someone else cross-checks them against the requested changes. This obviously is not a good process, particularly with long documents.


      I'm wondering if people could share their process?


      We have InCopy and are wiling to use that but the part we get stuck on is the proofing process. The editor wants me to be able to export a PDF of the final layout that includes track changes but it doesn't seem possible to do this from indesign. And exporting from the story editor doesn't seem to help because we also need to review the changes in the context of the layout.


      So I'd love to get a recommendation on a good editorial workflow that includes proofing.


      Many thanks!