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    F-1 Pop up help not working after converting .hpjs to .xpjs.


      In our product, we had the old help set up so the user could hit F1 on a field, and it would display a small pop-up describing the field, etc. Now after converting the projects to Microsoft HTML help, opposed to WinHelp (HPJ), when a user hits F1 on the field, the proper topic opens up but the entire help opens with it. The topic is being displayed in the main frame. We just need to know how to get the topic to open up by itself as a mini-pop up like our last help did before conversion.


      The screenshot below shows how the old Winhelp opened up in our application. Again, now when we hit F1 the proper topic displays, but is opened in the main frame with the entire help project. How do we get this pop up to open up like it did below in our newly converted HTML help?

      F1 SCREENSHOT.png




      Zach Bell