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    Why doesn't InDesign show overprinting of white set in illustrator files


      I love the separations preview feature in InDesign. However, I have discovered a bug. When a file or graphic that has been set to reversed or white in illustrator, and then placed or imported in InDesign, InDesign will not correctly show any improper settings of overprinting that were set in the illustrator file. I deal with many logos on a daily basis and I have to make sure these logos are set correctly for printing purposes. So when I place these eps or ai files in InDesign and turn on Separations Preview, I expect it to show me any overprinting that had been set in illustrator, which basically makes the graphic disappear if not set correctly. However, it seems that InDesign is somehow "overriding" the illustrator settings and is improperly showing that the illustrator graphic is knocking out when it really is overprinting which results in the graphic disappearing entirely when we go to press (you can't print anything set for overprint white). Many versions ago the Separations Preview would always show this and was quite handy for me, but now it doesn't seem to be working. Am I missing some other way to view this in InDesign?